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HDHE has begun development of a collection of at least 20 HD video-centric websites to address the tremendous growth of online video, high resolution screens of various sizes and internet-connected televisions
Currently under development:

- HighDefMusicVideos.com
- HighDefFashion.com
- HighDefTravel.com

To discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at:

Opportunities include:
  • Embedded video ads
  • Graphic overlays
  • Motion banners
  • Sponsorship of specific shows or online events
  • Custom video production
  • Stereoscopic 3D video with certain content
  • Featured video placement

If you’re looking for high quality production - from RED Epics shooting at up to 5K resolution or stereoscopic 3D with single cameras or dual-Epic rigs - visit our sister company, 4K Films.
Production Services
High Def websites
We’re looking for content partners for our High Def sites - from Fashion to Music Videos to Webisodes and more.
With the growth of digital 3D and the number of 3DTV’s and dedicated 3D channels, HDHE has moved into 3D production and begun to develop several shows, including:
- 3D Hollywood
- 3ikinis
- Adventure Babes
- Contemporary Cirque: Aerialists
- Comic Camp
Content Providers
Our High Def websites will offer a wide variety of targeted content, perfect for brands to reach their desired audience.
3D Productions
Advertisers and Sponsors